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On-Site Event Recording & Duplicating Services
Just Love Audio has specialized in recording and duplicating 12-Step, church, and business conventions, retreats, and event talks since 1997. All 12 Step events are recorded within the bounds of the 12 Traditions and AA GSO guidelines. We can record simultaneous talks, duplicate more than 30 CDs in less than four minutes, and provide professional packaging. We also offer a free sound system with microphones if needed. We would “Just Love” to help make your event a success so please contact us today.

Media Transfer Services
We can transfer all your cassette tapes and reel to reel recordings onto CD, as well as convert audio CDs to MP3 and other file formats.

Audio Editing
We can also provide all of your audio editing needs such as adding or removing a part of the audio recording, adding CD tracks, enhancing sound quality and volume, adding voiceovers, adding intro/exit audio, etc.

Free 12 Step Speaker Referral Service
If you are organizing a 12 Step event but can’t find a favorite speaker please contact us and we will provide you with their contact information.