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If you would like to sign up for our Inspirational Email Groups just enter your email address and select which groups you would like to subscribe to. We will then immediately send you a message that contains a link you will need to follow in order to confirm your email address. If you don't follow the link within 24 hours we will remove your address from our email lists. Each mailing will contain details on how to cancel your subscription or change your email address. ONE EMAIL IS SENT DAILY TO ONLY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING EMAIL GROUPS. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO FOUR EMAIL GROUPS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE FOUR EMAILS EVERY DAY, YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE EMAIL DAILY. EACH EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT IS EMAILED ONLY ONCE AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE THEM AND THEN THEY ARE DISPLAYED IN THE EVENTS SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE.

Email Groups: All Email Group (Inspirational emails of interest to everyone, whether you are a 12 Step member or not). Most emails go to this group.
Event Announcements Email Group (Upcoming events of interest to most 12 Step members, mainly in the NJ tri-state area)
General 12 Step Email Group (Brief thoughts and information of interest to most 12 Step members)
Extreme 12 Step Email Group (12 Step history and longer thoughts and information of interest ONLY to 12 Step members who are REALLY into it)
Spiritual Email Group (emails of interest to those looking to go deeper spiritually, whether you are a 12 Step member or not)
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